Weaving Havoc is currently in the earliest stages of pre-production. With a projected start date of Fall 2010, we are seeking financing with a budget of approximately $430,000.

Enlisting the support of Mr. Khalid Yagobbi, a primary contact and guide on the ground in Afghanistan was the first achievement for Weaving Havoc in the earliest stages of development. Moving forward, the producers (producer/director, producer/writer, producer) have a) identified key personnel including the editor and director of photography, b) developed the creative concept and narrative approach, c) constructed a budget.

Preliminary research is underway to identify and contact leading scholars, curators, and war rug connoisseurs for on-camera interviews who will place the subject matter in historic, social and aesthetic context. Outreach to Afghani cultural organizations is also underway, in order to gain their support and expertise, as well as to US and international cultural entities which may lend financial and/or strategic aid. A “trailer” reel is in the early stages of production, which will help in fund-raising as well as creating a “buzz” for distribution.

The producers will seek early funding from grants through participation in the International Documentary Association’s non-profit Fiscal Program. At the same time, believing in the project’s commercial value and appeal to global audiences, the producers will also seek equity financing from private sources, including Islamic cultural organizations as well as distributors and television programmers. A fundraising event, sponsored by Afghani cultural organizations, is also envisioned. The Weaving Havoc Website will have a link to the IDA’s fiscal sponsorship page, allowing contributors tax deductible donations.

Weaving Havoc is in the tradition of successful documentary films about artists engaged in social themes, such as The Quilt. With its inspirational message, engaging characters from a rarely-seen part of the world, and story of personal discovery, Weaving Havoc will find receptivity with audiences seeking uplifting entertainment. Because it portrays a positive side of Islamic culture, Weaving Havoc will have unprecedented access to an international audience, including Islamic regions where films mirroring indigenous culture are sorely needed..

The producers have high expectations that Weaving Havoc will initially find its audiences through screenings at international film festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Pusan, Cannes, etc. We also believe that by engaging an international sales company in the early stages of production, Weaving Havoc will find US and worldwide theatrical, television and home video distribution. Among the sales/distribution companies we have contacted are BuzzTaxi Communications, Global Cinema Group, and MK2.

Great Circle Books ( has committed to producing a coffee-table photo book that will accompany the film, and generate additional revenues.

The film’s soundtrack, containing contemporary and classic music, from Afghani pop and rap to folk and religious music, will also serves as a marketing tool.