Ann W. Norton
Professor of Humanities in Art History
Non-Western Art and Culture
History of Architecture and Design

Professor Ann Norton received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College, and both her M.A. and Ph.D. from New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. She also holds a Diploma from the C.G. Jung Institute for Jungian Psychology. She teaches interdisciplinary courses in Asian art and culture as well as in modern architecture and design. She has taught at Providence College since 1989, and was Director of Asian Studies from 1992 to 2004. She is presently Asian Studies Advisor.

Direct experience of Asian cultures has been vital throughout her teaching career. From 1964 to 1967 she lived in Dacca, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), where she taught architectural history at Dacca University ’s School of Engineering and Architecture. In 1980-81 she researched Jain art and architecture in India, and in 1992 she lead groups studying ‘sacred space’ in Indonesia. Her early interest in ‘art after war and displacement’ was reflected in various projects concerning Tibetan art and culture.

Inspired by the many refugees of Cambodia ’s “Killing Fields,” in June, 2001, Professor Norton did field study in Cambodia to study contemporary Cambodian arts. That research resulted in two exhibitions and a program “The Spirit of Cambodia …a tribute” in Providence. Her work with diaspora Cambodians led her to also meet with Cambodian artists living in France in 2003. Her work can be seen at:

Kevin Sudeith

Since the early 1990’s, Queens-based Minnesota native Kevin Sudeith has been a leading source of war rugs for sale in the West. Sudeith has sold war rugs to collectors through his website ( and at various New York flea markets. His book, War Rugs, Vol. 1 was published in 2008. Rugs from his collection have been included in many exhibitions including the Esso Gallery, Miami University Art Museum, and the Van Every/Smith Galleries at Davidson College, North Carolina.

Ron O’Callaghan
Editor, Oriental Rug Review
Ron O’Callaghan is the proprietor of Asian Trade and Oriental Rug Review. ( ). He is also a collector and leading seller of oriental rugs.